LEADING OTHERS TO LIFE ‘Enduring’ Conversation Starters

Aug 26, 2018 | Leading Others to Life, Life Groups

  1. When have you needed a tremendous amount of endurance? You’ll get to spiritual endurance in a moment, so focus on endurance required in your physical life, career, academics, business, etc. Explain. What did you do to endure? What would have happened if you didn’t endure?
  2. What stood out to you in the sermon? (Missed it? Try VancouverChurch.org/sermons)
  3. Read 2 Timothy 3:10-17. What caught your attention in this passage?
  4. Check the top 3 areas in which you would most like to grow and discuss them.

    __Maintain on-going hope
    __ Reduce casual pain-killers
    __ Increase self-control
    __ Experience peace that runs deeper than the pain
    __ No longer be ruled by fear
    __ Stop self-destructive behaviors
    __ Increase healthy habits
    __ Resist destructive pain-killers
    __ Overcome barriers of bitterness
    __ Conquer the unnerving effect of constantly try to please people

  5. How could your relationship with Jesus help you grow stronger in those three areas? How does the Bible help such growth?
  6. In verses 14-15, Paul is telling Timothy how to endure to experience a good life that lasts for a long time. List and discuss the key elements Paul is emphasizing to his young protégé.
  7. Read verse 16-17 and discuss what the Bible actually does in the life of a follower of Jesus.
  8. To endure in the Lord, you must never quit trusting his Word. What do you think of this statement?
  9. How deeply are you consuming the Scriptures right now? Pick a practice that would be most useful to increase your intake of the Bible. Then pray you will each deepen that practice with the help of the Holy Spirit.

__ Reading Scripture
__ Memorizing Scripture
__ Studying Scripture
__ Teaching Scripture
__ Meditating on Scripture
__ Paraphrasing Scripture
__ Creatively expressing Scripture
__ Other?