LEADING OTHERS TO LIFE ‘The Way to Joy’ Conversation Starters

Aug 19, 2018Leading Others to Life, Life Groups

  1. What was one thing from the sermon that you found helpful or meaningful to you? Share it with the group and why.
  2. Read 2 Timothy 2:14-26. What is one thing that you like in this section? What do you find confusing or challenging from this passage?
  3. From this passage and from what you know about Paul and Timothy’s relationship, what can we learn about what it means to reach back and pass our faith to others?
  4. Is the word and concept of obedience positive or negative for you? If it’s more positive, how have you been able to use your perspective to empower you to follow Jesus more faithfully? If obedience feels more negative, how do you balance that tension when it comes to following Jesus in ways that are uncomfortable and counter cultural?
  5. Spend 3 minutes in silent prayer asking the Holy Spirit for ONE way he wants you to obey this week? After the time is up, share with the group how God wants you to obey this week.
  6. Casey talked about a process of obedience: Listen for God voice, trust God’s power, partner with God’s people, and respond quickly to God’s promptings. Which of these do you need to practice this week to help you follow Jesus more obediently?
  7. Spend time praying for the individuals in the group to be empowered and transformed by the Holy Spirit as we obey God’s promptings this week. (It would be fun for members of your group to share their stories of obedience next week when you gather as a Life Group.)