Because People Matter, or BPM for short, is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian services to the Portland metro area. Many people know them for their weekly event, Night Strike, which hosts over 200 volunteers who provide goods and services to the city’s homeless population. In fact, last summer our Middle School ministry joined BPM

for a Night Strike as part of the student’s summer camp experience. But they provide many services beyond just Thursday nights. On their website, they share their vision this way:

“We exist to develop and sustain relational environments that create movement within groups and individuals to demonstrate love and generosity lived out in the world. Because People Matter creates relational environments that provide Relief, Mobilization and Transformation. ”

Though social distancing has limited most of their regular operations, BPM has not stopped serving their city. Check out this update from co-founder Lesley Snider on what they have been up to in this season:

Check out their website for more information: