If we’re being honest, sometimes it’s really hard to see God in the midst of a crisis. The deep pain and fear can leave us short-sighted and heavy-burdened, leaving little room for us to experience His goodness.

This is not one of those times. This time God’s glory shined bright through a beautiful soul and her humble, unshakable faith.

Heather Chapin, a devoted family member of Vancouver Church, is an EMT in Portland. A couple weeks ago, she was asked to help with the coronavirus response in New Jersey. Without hesitation, she flew across the country to relieve overwhelmed ambulance crews for two weeks. And while the feat she accomplished in those two weeks is immeasurable, it is her response that leaves so many of us filled with a refreshing dose of heavenly hope.

Heather gracefully shared her faith with the city, and likely much of the nation, when she sat down for an interview with KGW8. As she reflected on her time in New Jersey, she explained why she was ready to jump in to such a severe circumstance saying, “It felt like an opportunity where other people may be afraid to run into the fire. I definitely felt like, ‘okay I’m scared, but have the Lord to lean on.'”

We honor God’s protection over Heather as she served in New Jersey and we praise Him for the healing and hope He is providing in the midst of this crisis.

And we thank you, Heather, for the hope you brought home to us.

Watch the full interview here: