Our Middle and High School Youth Collective has been connecting online in all sorts of ways; Instagram posts, FaceTime calls, texts, and phone calls in abundance. Even the occasional “Happy Birthday” card has found its way from leaders to students! But as we settle in to a new (albeit temporary) rhythm of life, students are searching for ways to connect and grow together regularly.

To address this, the High School Youth Collective began weekly Zoom Meetings on Wednesday nights. It has been a wonderful opportunity for students and leaders to continue building life-giving relationships in this time. Seeing the success of the high school virtual gatherings, the middle school team did not hesitate to jump on board. Students and leaders alike are ready to be together again, even if it is only virtually for now. Starting tonight, the Middle School Youth Collective will begin weekly, Wednesday night group gatherings via Zoom.

Both ministries are excited to begin a series called Alpha. Alpha is a resource focused on creating space for students to ask the hard questions. The creators of Alpha challenge us with these questions:

“In these challenging days, more than ever before, youth are asking big questions about life and meaning. Are you creating an online space for them to wrestle with their big questions? Are you helping them connect with each other and with God? Where are they turning for answers? Where are they turning for hope? What could happen if you were the one who created a place for them to discover what a relationship with Jesus looks like?”

The Vancouver Church Youth Collective wants to respond with a resounding “Yes!” And they’ll start with their weekly online gatherings. Check out this video to learn more about Alpha:

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