On Wednesday, June 10th, Vancouver Church family members gathered under the covered area on the back side of the property for our Monthly Prayer Gathering. With over 40 of us gathered (responsibly) in-person, and more online, we spent our hour together worshiping and praying for our community and our country. While many of us focused on praying restoration and reconciliation for our family of color, God did not miss an opportunity to care for one of our own.

Ben Johnson, our VC Youth Collective High School Intern, came to the prayer gathering with a recent, extremely painful back injury. He had injured his lower back earlier in the day and was worried he would not be able to push through the pain to attend. But in his obedience and out of a desire to be part of the gathering, he came despite the pain. And our good God, as He so often does, met Ben right where he stood- literally!

Here’s how Ben explains his sweet encounter:

“It was such excruciating pain… I just wanted to lay down and not move. [But] I pushed myself to go to work and the prayer gathering, and as we were all walking around… [Some people began] praying out loud over me, I was immediately able to touch my toes without an ounce of pain. It was gone. It was so surreal, I have never been injured to a point of needing healing prayer, but what a miracle it was! What a beautiful feeling to feel total acknowledgement of God, right there with all of us, with his hand on me. I couldn’t believe it. [They] said “I can see there is no pain left in your eyes” because there wasn’t any.

We look to this story as an example of how, no matter where we meet- on screens, in sanctuaries, or outside in a parking lot- God is ready to meet us right there, the moment we begin to pray.