For moms with kids at home, this might be a difficult season. Wouldn’t it be great to prepare lunch for the kids and get a short break for yourself? The Kennedy Center thought that sounded wonderful too, and one of their artists in residence took up the call to follow his passion (art) and help out families. You can sit your kids in front of a screen for a short art lesson, as simple as how to doodle, and then give them the simple art supplies they need, all designed to be stuff you probably have at home, and let them go for it!

To check it out, you can go to YouTube and search for “Lunch Doodles” to see Kennedy Center artist Mo Willems, or click on the image below for the full YouTube playlist. The good news is, as of today there are already 5 episodes and he’s uploading more every weekday, so you should be able to have home doodle lessons every weekday!