At Vancouver Church, we’ve compiled some fun ideas and top recommendations from different online sources to bring you a few tips that might help you connect while keeping your social distance!

(1) Have dinner “together.” Do an online search for some of the most popular digital video services like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or GoTo Meeting. Make arrangements to eat or cook together, and talk like you’re sitting across the table from each other!

(2) Make an actual phone call. This is for you text fanatics. You’ve lost the art of phoning a friend. You might have to text them first to make sure they pick up. But if you call someone you can’t see, you’ll feel just a little bit closer. Promise.

(3) Practice unified prayer. Make arrangements, whether by phone, text, or email – whatever your preferred method – to pray for a certain thing at a certain time each day. Maybe you’re going to be praying for medical providers each day at 8am. Or maybe you’re going to ask for families of the sick to feel the peace of God at 3pm. Better yet, maybe you’re all checking in each day to decide what to pray for. Whatever time or topic you chose, it’s a great way to feel unified when you’re apart.

(4) Throw a “dance party” or “sing along” with your neighbor and some kids. Play some favorite music loud enough for you both to hear, and invite them to dance or sing along. It will get you moving, get you laughing, and keep you connected in a way you’ll probably be talking about for years to come.