july, 2017

10julallday17alldayFeaturedLove Thy Neighbor: High School Summer CampThis year our high school summer camp puts our students in environments where they have the opportunity to lean on the example of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to love those who are rarely shown love.(All Day) Events:High School,Youth


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“Who is my neighbor?” This was the question that the lawyer asked to Jesus in Luke 10. The lawyer was living in a world divided by racial separation, religious hypocrites, and high political tensions. Sounds a little like the world we live in now. Jesus used a parable to define the answer. He tells the story of the good Samaritan, in which Jesus smashes all the lines that separate people in order to establish that the term “neighbor” is an all-inclusive statement. The person that you see as the most opposite of you is still to be considered your neighbor. Whether they look like you, live like you, or believe what you believe, they are your neighbor and are to be loved.

This is the heart of Summer Camp 2017; “Love Thy Neighbor”. Jesus was very specific in breaking down walls that separated people in order for His love to reach them. Our hope for Summer Camp is that the walls within our hearts would be broken, that we connect with our neighbors, and that the love of God flows from us to them.

The choice in our camp speaker was driven by our theme and it led us to thinking about the LA Dream Center. We are bringing in the Youth Pastor from the Dream Center/St. Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, CA. Her name is Naomi Murray and we couldn’t be more excited to have her with us. The Dream Center embodies the mission to reach your neighbor with the love of Jesus like nowhere else I have ever been. Along with Naomi, we will be bringing Chris Donald, of the Promise Church, back to oversee our outreaches and Seth Owens to lead worship.

We will spend the first 3 days down at Cove Palisades where we will be able to have fun and grow together as a family. At the Cove students will be able to participate in swimming, boating, hiking, and other fun activities. On Wednesday we will head back to Vancouver where we will begin our journey of learning how to love our neighbors. We will be spending mornings throughout Vancouver conducting projects in the community, afternoons seeing God move in powerful ways through outreach, and then finish off the evening with night services.

Our hope is that each student will walk away with a greater understanding of how God sees their neighbors and how He will use each student to share His love to those around them.


july 10 (Monday) - 17 (Monday)


The Cove Palisades State Park

5900 SW Jordan Rd


Youth MinistriesAbbyConger@VancouverChurch.org