Did you know the average age of exposure to pornography is 8 years old? We want families to be equipped to keep your children safe online.

No registration needed, just join us on Wednesday, April 17th, at 7PM in the King’s Way Cafeteria as Youth Collective hosts a class for parents including important tools for internet literacy and knowledge about popular apps to equip you to make wise and informed decisions on what is safe for your child.

We are officially counting down to Easter, and at Vancouver Church that means BAPTISM! If you’ve been thinking about it, visit our baptism page and find out how to learn more!

Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past. There’s a better way! Join the Vancouver Church Financial Peace University group starting April 10, and we’ll learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future together, plus there are tons of online resources. Contact Gary Cowles at (360)907-3008 or for more info or in the lobby on March 24, March 31, and April 7.

The 6 has a unique women’s community that meets to care for each other, learn how to get closer to God, and press into their God-given identity and purpose. Monthly meetings are first Tuesdays at 6:30pm in Student Ministries. No registration needed.

Next meeting: Tuesday, April 2nd. Flourish Outreach – We will start in the King’s Way Student Ministries Room and then head to the mall together and allow Holy Spirit to lead us.