Over the last few years, Vancouver Church has partnered with Arbor Ridge, a facility that provides assisted living and low-income housing, to support the needs of it’s residents. In the past, this has looked like holiday cards, Christmas gifts, and periodical visits to the facility. But as the quarantine began, Vancouver Church felt a particularly heavy burden for the residents of Arbor Ridge. Residents are confined not only to the facility, but to their individual rooms, with no visitor access. While in their best interest regarding safety, this confinement leads to some severe isolation in an already vulnerable community.

So we did what we knew best and rallied around some tasty treats! Each week during the pandemic, we’ve had the privilege to deliver snacks and candy to the residents as a way to let them know we are thinking of them, reminding them that they are not alone. Anyone who is on the team will tell you, candy is such a good carrier of hope.

And as the ministry grew, so did the goodies. Now, residents not only receive weekly treats, but also hand-written personal cards, trinkets, and artwork done by the students and staff at King’s Way Learning Center. Last week we delivered 88 different gifts of love and care to the residents, this week we’re sending over 90 pieces their way!

This weekly drop-off has been a joy and a light to everyone involved- both in giving and receiving. We are positive that God is doing great things in these small acts of kindness. And we are honored that He chose to use our community to bless our dear friends at Arbor Ridge.

If you would like to get involved with Arbor Ridge, check out the details under the ‘Isolated Seniors’ section on our Care page: