“As I consider… the cultural moment we’re in right now, I have no doubt that God has authority and dominion over every storm.¬†Simultaneously, God is deeply intimate, caring tenderly for those things that matter to us.” As I read these simple but profound words shared by author and teacher Aubrey Sampson, I was struck by the thought: God cares.

It’s amazing how often that fact- that incomprehensible, fate-shattering fact- slips back into the That’s Nice category of my mind; shelved on a back bookcase of throw-away statements, saved for awkward silences at the end of self-pity rants.

But once again, in His grace, I am moved to tears that my God cares about me. I wish I could share with you the depth in which I believe that He cares about you. But since I am limited to words on a page, I will simply share the rest of these words written by Mrs. Sampson and pray that you, too, understand that God cares.


By Aubrey Sampson