Our Staff

Chris Kainu

Lead Pastor

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Steve Ashlock

Executive Pastor of Operations

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Steve Jensen

Executive Pastor of Ministry

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Larry Whittlesey

Pastor, Community

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Jeremy Galanter

Pastor, Outreach & Leadership

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Abby Conger

Pastor, Kids & Families

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Mike Hohnholz

Pastor, Worship Arts Lead

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Robin Hutchin

Pastor, Worship Arts

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Jacob Bentley

Pastor, Youth

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Chris Crenshaw

Worship Leader

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Michael Crandall

Director, Audio Visual Tech

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Kirsten Galanter

Director, Prayer

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Ben Shular

Director, Missions

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Jill Mills
Jill Mills

Executive Assistant / Communications Coordinator

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Kim Mott

Administration Assistant

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Sadie Kainu

Administration Assistant

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Lynn Miller

Hospitality & Event Coordinator

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Nathan Noorlun

Director, Finance

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Louise Thudium

Financial Assistant

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Georgina Myers

VCKids Assistant

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Peggie Woody

VCKids Assistant

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Kole Ryan

Director, The Shop

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