The Vancouver Church mission statement is:

We seek to become an authentic biblical community effectively reaching out to our churchless neighbors with empathy, grace and truth so they can experience a whole new life withJesus and like Jesus, more every day.

Discipleship Mission · Our mission is to make disciples. We are an intergenerational church that is committed to making disciples of those not only in the church, but far from the church. A disciple is someone who wants to be with Jesus and to be like Jesus. Disciples reflect the identity of Christ who lived as a worshiper, family member, learner, servant, and missionary.

Holistic Leadership · We believe in the holistic development of leaders who take spirit dependent risks to move the kingdom forward. We value character and faith, yet also believe in excellence of presentation. We believe in the multiplication of disciples and ministries, furthering the gospel throughout Clark County and the world.

What We Believe · We may use a variety of language and music styles to communicate God’s word for today’s culture, but our message is as old as the Bible itself.

We identify with a Movement known as the Church of God, based in Anderson, Indiana. Our Movement believes that the church must emphasize unity as brothers and sisters in Christ. We also believe that we are called to live a life of holiness—daily asking the Holy Spirit to make us more like Christ.