Our Legacy

Vancouver Church (also known as First Church of God) began as a Sunday school in 1926, meeting in a private home. Over the next three decades, the church expanded its membership, new worship facilities were constructed, and attendance reached about 250 people. Over time, additional pastors were called, a radio ministry was established, a youth program was organized, and the Peter Pan Daycare was started.

In 1972, the church purchased a 14-acre site on 78th Street to construct a larger church and expanded day care center.
A few years later on Easter of 1977, the church held its first service at the newly constructed facilities on 78th Street. The Peter Pan Daycare continued to grow and formed a grade school. In 1982, the Minna Jarrett Educational Center was completed. The church began holding two Sunday morning worship services. The Peter Pan Daycare later became the King’s Way Learning Center and School, which provided classes from pre-school through eighth grade. By 1991, the Family Life Center was completed, adding 30,000 square feet to the church’s existing facilities.

In 1996, the King’s Way Middle School was created by combining 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Kindergarten through 5th grade became known as King’s Way Elementary School. In 2001, the church established King’s Way Christian Schools, which encompassed the King’s Way Learning Center, King’s Way Elementary School and King’s Way Middle School. In 2003, the church voted to establish a high school as part of King’s Way Christian Schools. In July of 2006, the Vancouver First Church of God Community Life Center/King’s Way High School was completed. The first senior class of King’s Way Christian Schools graduated in June, 2009. The Learning Center added care for toddlers so that King’s Way now serves over 850 students from age one through twelfth grade.

In 2015, the church voted to establish King's Way as an independent 501(c)(3), providing greater opportunity to reach our local community while still remaining in close partnership with Vancouver Church, sharing the mission, key staff, and facilities.

Vancouver Church’s attendance has grown to over 900 members, and we now offer three gatherings each weekend, as well as a Hispanic service.